August 24, 2009

It all started in darkness....


This is the first post of the ambulance stories in Mexico.

Let me tell you a little about me and this blog.

Fist of all, who I am. I am a Mexican EMT-Intermediate that lives and works in Mexico CIty. I have been an EMT for 5 years and have worked at several places. Right now i am a volunteer in the busiest emergency medical service of Mexico. This ambulance company treats and transports over 5,000 patients a year just in Mexico City.

This blog is just an reach out to the world so they can see what is like to ride an ambulance in one of the biggest cities in the world and its also a escape valve... so i don´t go mad while doing what i love most, and thats caring for the sick and injured. Most of the stories are patients that i have treated over time, and a little number of them are stories shared by someone else that i think deserve beeing here. Some others are intended to get you inside the mexican emergency medicine system. And some others are just for the experience of writing.

All the stories are real, but my ethics mandate that all the names are changed, the locations are not accurate, and so on, so the confidentiality every patient deserves is respected and honored.

You will find here some medical terminology, but as i write in english that is not my mother language i expect to keep it simple. So if you are not a health care provider don´t worry, it won´t be so hard to read. If you are a health care provider i hope you enjoy reading this, i love exchanging experiences with other nations EMT´s or paramedics and if you have a good story that want to share, contact me.

Well, with that said its time for our first story.

Comments are always welcomed.

And remember, in the most difficult situations people do unbelievable things....

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