April 26, 2010


Late in the night we were called to a car crash. On route the police informs us that there is a guy trapped in the car and that they will require the fireman to assist. When we arrive the scene is quite a view. There is newspaper all around the car, i dont mean some newspapers around, no, there are hundres and hundreds of them scattered all over the floor. The car that crashed was about to deliver them and had like 1000or more.

They hitted the sidewalk, then they smashed a tree head on, then the car went sideways and tumbled a couple of times until another tree stopped it.

In all that motion, the driver was expelled from the car. He was lying next to the car. There was nothing we could do for him.

The car´s roof was the thing that kept the other guy pinned in the car, it collpased so bad the drivers seat couldn´t be seen and the only thing we could see of the trapped guy was his head, neck and a couple of inches of his torso.

He was unconscious but breathing. My partner jumped into the wrecked car and cleaned his airway, just moments later, before the fire department arrived, he stopped breathing and his heart stopped.

The cardiac arrest in patients with that much trauma is almost impossible to reverse. Here we could do nothing, he was trapped.

We saw him take his last breath.

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