May 21, 2010

In your shoes.

20 year old man. Young and healthy.
You like to go out with your friends and have fun on Friday night and some times on Saturday nights. You have big expectations for your life (like anyone at that age) and you have goals and dreams that fill your life. Some good friends, some partying friends and a beautiful girlfriend. A normal life for your age, nothing very big but you enjoy every moment of it.

One night you go out clubbing with your friends. You don’t drink a lot because you know you just don’t like to get wasted, you have one beer and you stop there. A lot of fun, a lot of chatting a lot of dancing and finally the night is almost over. You leave the club at 4:00 am and decide to give a ride to one of your friends that is way to wasted to walk or take a cab. You are driving to his house, just 10 min drive from the club. And then; destiny/god/karma/life strikes.

Going at 70mph you see a couple of lights coming your way very fast, its pitch dark and you are caught by surprise. You try to get out of the way. There is no time for the brake. You realize you are not going to make it as you see the other’s car driver right in the eye.

A lot of noise, a lot of movement.
You faint.

You regain consciousness when the paramedics, rescuers and firefighters extricate you out of the car. You are in bad shape. You leg hurts like hell and your head too. You see blood, flashing lights and unfamiliar worrying faces interrupting the night sky.

You scream as they move you into the ambulance. Now a lot of bright light and pain, that’s all you can focus on. You can hear far, far away when a paramedic tells you "Open your eyes, can you hear me?" You slightly open your eyes, the pain is still there but the light is less blinding.

His face gets close to your face and asks you question after question, you try to respond as fast as the questions come but you are getting overwhelmed.

The pain fades a little bit and a thought in the back of your head runs straight to your tongue.
"Where is my friend?"

"Where is my friend? My friend, he was riding with me."

The paramedic tells you that he doesn’t know how he is; he’s been taken to the hospital by another ambulance.

You are rushed to the emergency room.

They place you an oxygen mask. Take your blood pressure. You see the paramedics face as he tells the other one a number that just sounds random in your head but you realize he worries because of that "random" number. They tell you “You are going to feel a little pinch”. Little pinch! Auch. That hurts. They are giving you intravenous fluid.

The 10 minute ride in the ambulance seems to last a year or two and you feel every speed bump and pothole in your bones (literally). Your head is about to explode. The siren and the bright light right in front of your eyes are just too much.

You hear the siren goes off. Maybe you are fainting, but then you feel a bump and see the sky night again. Now there is only one thought in your head. Pain.
You don’t really know if your leg hurts more than your head. It doesn’t matter at all to you, it just hurts everything hurts. You scream again.

You enter an emergency room. You think its an emergency room, you really cant know for sure because you are strapped down to a stretcher and cant move an inch. You hear a familiar voice, well not so familiar. It’s the paramedic saying something. It’s a doctor, you can tell because the paramedic addresses him as that. You are moved again, more light, a lot more. You enter a room where there is a lot more people. You can hear them as they pass along and discuss “the case”. You can’t think straight because of the pain in your leg.

Another scream.

They just moved you to the hospital stretcher.

Doctors ask a lot of questions, you can’t keep track of them your head is hurting so much, so much. You start feeling dizzy and the pain is fading away. something is not ok, you know, you know that something is awfully wrong. You hear in the distance:


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