August 31, 2009

Two kids, two wheels.

Cold rainy night.
About 23:30

A car is speeding down a bridge at about 120 km/hr, other is just going at 50 km/hr in the night traffic tring to get on the bridge.

One has just left his girlfriend home and its returning to his home.
The other one is going to buy some supplies for a party.

They both are kids, not even 21. They are not drunk or under the influence, not even tired.

Then suddenly one car in the bridge changes lanes without notice. The kid behind the wheel makes a sudden movement trying not to hit the changing lane car. He looses control, road is wet and he starts spining, 4 or 5 spins later he is jumping over the other side of an avenue.

The other kid is just seeing some lights getting close too fast. Then in the blink of an eye, he realizes that the spining lights are from a car that lost control, and worst of all, its going to hit his car. He grabs the steering wheel with all his strenght.

The last turn, and the spining car crashes the other car with its tail.

In one second both cars totalled and on opposite sides of the road.
A police car was some cars behind. He gets downs and inmediatelly calls for an ambulance.
We were 2 blocks away, and arrive the scene 1 minute later.

No one gets hurt.

We close this story saying:

If it is your turn, it is your turn. When its not, simply it is not.

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