September 12, 2009

Saving a life....

A lot of people believe that the work of paramedics is saving peoples lifes.

Thats just like saying that architects build the world.....

I cannot descibe what accuratelly means saving a life because i don´t even understand it. I have never been sure of "a save" as some emt´s put it. Its just an idea that fades away with hundreds of circumstances and variables, not being medicine an exact science you can´t expect an exact result after an intervention. And being emergency medicine one of the less exact lets say that i am not very sure of that one "save" that all the emt´s brag about.

Thats why i really don´t put a lot of mind on the "being a hero, saving lifes" part of the job. I just don´t buy it, i place my hard work on the other part of the job that is making a difference. I think that making a difference in someones life ranges from holding a hand in a very tough time to practice the latest skills learned to improve patient outcome. You may only be a hand that holds another and tells words of comfort, or you can be a skilled worker that gives about every inch of himself to make that was tought almost impossible in the worst situation just look easy.

With that said, i can now go to sleep, knowing that maybe i will never save a life, but i will make a big difference.

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