September 18, 2009

"In the name of god."

The title of this post are the words that Luis pronounced before opening fire upon a policeman stationed in the mexican subway.

5 injured and 2 dead is the total of this senseless attack.

One ambulance was at the scene minutes after the first shot and they could hear the next 6 to 7 shots fired inside the subway. They did not enter the scene until the gunner was held captive by the "policia judicial" one of the most famous police in mexico (not the good type of fame).

Caos is the word that i am looking for. The policeman that was supposed to confront the perpetrator scaped running for his safety receiving 2 bullets in the back and leaving an unarmed civilian strugling with the gunner. He lost the battle when the gunner shot to his head.

We provide care to a bullet injured patient.

I am amazed of what kind of things are done in the name of god....

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