October 13, 2009

I love you baby....

It was late.

Too late actually, even for me, 4 or 5 in the morning. Well maybe it was too early instead.

We were dispatched to an hotel, a not very nice one near downtown. When we arrived a man opened the door, he was not from town, you can easy saw that because he was almost 2 mts and had a very strong accent. He told us that she was not breathing ok.

She was on the bed, her mouth had a little blood, she was not responding. She didn´t open her eyes when we talked to her adn was shaking violently.
Hold it right there and stop worring for her, she is not responding because she doesn´t want to.

This is the true story. She is not having a seizure.

They had a terrible fight he pushed her, she pushed him, he punched her hard on the mouth and then on the back.

Her instincts told her to fake an "attack". What type of attack? It doesnt matter, the purpose is to trigger a response in him a change of attitude. So the result is he starts worring awfully and stops hurting her.

When we were evaluationg her we convinced her that it was safe for her now because we were there. He was so worried and so embarassed he start crying.

We call the cops. In the 20 mins we were on the scene they didn´t arrived.

When we were leaving we told security at the hotel that the cops were called so they knew. He was so gratefull with us because we "fixed" her. He repeated on and on: "I love you baby, i am so sorry, i really really love you, i am an idiot."

I was thinking, how bad someone can hurt the people they say they love.

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