October 24, 2009

From the sky.

A 13 year old boy was washing his hands in the sink on the restroom in the 2 floor of his home. All of his family was downstairs in the celebration of a birthday. 3 or 4 kids were playing on the roof top. They all were having a lot of fun. Until a smashing sound was heard.

One of the kids stepped on a skylight dome.

This dome was directly over the stairs from the 1st to the 2nd floor.

A smashing sound was heard.

The dome didn´t hold.

She went down a little bit more than 7 mts.

The kid finished washing his hands and went downstairs to the party.

Halfway trough the stairs he caught a little frightened girl.

He raised his arms just in time. And hold the girl.

He told us his arms hurt... a little bit.

An angel fell from the sky. Another one was there for her.

Just amazing.

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