November 12, 2009

Why the worst...

I have been on this job for a while... and have treated a lot of patients and got involved in a lot of emergency situations. A lot of screams and tears are remembered.

And with all this said there is a thing that surprises me a lot. Every time i tell somebody "new" in my life that i am a paramedic they ALWAYS (note the always in capitals to emphasize) ask me about my worst call. My worst patient.

"What is the worst thing you have seen?"

And this really gets me thinking why people want to know the most horrible thing you have ever seen. Why they don´t ask for the most amazing, the most fun, the mos thrilling, the most rewarding.... they always want to know the worst. Even if they know they can´t take it and at the middle of some of the horror stories we live on this job they ask me to stop.

I have had some very touching calls and some very bad ones that i tell people when i know i can take the emotional beating of remembering those situations.

But why? Why the worst?

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