November 26, 2009

Brothers of blood.

We met some years ago. He was a very experienced paramedic and i was just a trainee trying to get a grip on this job.

I was his trainee for almost 6 months. In this time we get to know each other very well, we get along just fine and in the end we were very good friends, we had a few very good calls, and a few very bad ones.

In the end I think i owe that guy a lot of things. The way i drive, the way i talk to patients, the way i try to have fun doing what i love the most. The way i can´t let go.

I ran my first code with him. He taught me never to speak of the patient as if he/she wasn´t there (even if uncounscious).

I learned a lot from him. But the most i learned from that very funny and caring guy was respect. Not to give it away so easy, and to understand fully what it meant.

Thats why now a days years away from that time i can tell you all:

I will respect him all my life.
To the best i have ever met.

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