November 28, 2009

Slow shift...

There are just a nomber of things you can do when you have a slow shift and there are no emergencies. Here is a small list so you get an idea.

1.- Talk with your partner.
2.- Check that the ambulance equipment is complete.
3.- Share a story with the third on board (paramedic student tha rides with you to get experience).
4.- Show and tell with the third on board about something of the equipment he or she doesn´t know well.
5.- Go and buy some food or chips or gum or whatever to chew...
6.- Eat what you just bought.
7.- Talk to your partner again.
8.- Tell the third on board that there are slow shifts and not because he keeps bitching about it its going to change.
9.- Check the ambulance equipment again.
10.- Play with your cel phone.
11.- Text someone that cares for you and have a mini text conversation.
12.- Re-read the text messages in your cellphone.
13.- Delete text messages.
14.- Text someone that is not so close to you and tell them that you are bored to hell.
15.- Call your girlfriend of boyfriend or wife or husband.
16.- Tell again the third on board to stop bitching.
17.- Wake up your partner and tell him that you are bored.
18.- Rub your arm until you can feel it normally again because of the punch that your partner gave you for waking him up.
19.-Change the rado station and sing.
20.- Say hi to the drivers that you see.
21.- Tell the cops that you were just saying hi, and that was not a sign of distress.
22.- Go aout and stretch your legs.
23.- Go in and bitch about how cold/hot is outside.
24.- Take a nap.
25.- Hit your partner for waking you up just to say he is bored. He is so unthughtful.
26.- Go back to your nap.
27.- Get up like a spring when you hear the dispatcher calling your ambulance.
28.- Spit a curse to the dispatcher for waking you up for a false alarm.
29.-Talk about false alarms with the third on board.
30.- Tell the third on board that this is the third time you tell him to stop bitching and there will not be a fourth.
31.- Go back to the nap.
32.- Hit the third on board, and tell him the fifth is always harder and in the face.
33.-Laugh about the third on board that woke up your partner to tell him that you punched him and got another punch for free.
34.- Spit another curse to the dispatcher just for remembering that false alarm.
35.- Nap again.
26.- Return to your base knowing that you did absolutely nothing and bitch about it with everyone.

I hate slow shifts...

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