November 29, 2009


When you arrive and there are 50 people telling you what to do, you know that there is a problem with the safety of the scene.

This because some people have the idea that you are a fast taxi ride to the hospital, so you don´t have to do a thing on the scene of the emergency just scoop and run, other because they know "a thing or two" and know that the patient has to go as soon as possible, why, just because.
And in the other and mos recent case, because they might want to gun down your patient again.

Yesterday i was at an emergency scene where my safety and my partner´s safety was in great deal of danger.

The first thing they tell you in the emt school is no to enter the scene if it is not safe.
In Mexico the cops are as bad as you can imagine in scene safety, they don´t specify a zone where the emergency scene starts so it is always crowded with people that have nothing to do with the situation. Now when things get a little bit rough like in yesterdays emergency you really hate them for not doing their job right.

Once more, i placed my safety in the line, knowing that it was absolutelly wrong.

Will talk to the boss about this.

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