December 9, 2009

Good morning.

I was sleeping in the back of the ambulance waiting for the next call.
It was about 4 a.m. and everything was quiet as it should be.

Suddenly the radio interrupts my sleep by shouting our ambulance number and directions for an emergency.

I am still sleepy when i hear the engine awaking from its well deserved sleep. Buttons click. Shifts to drive. Brake is off.

A loud high pitch scream penetrates the silence of the morning, its our siren, hauling its way through the few cars left in the road.

He steps on the gas. The siren sound is followed by the engine roaring and the ambulance runs like a devil in four wheels who spits fire that is reflected in the houses and cars windows. It keeps eating miles, getting us closer to someone that needs us.

Drinks a gallon of gas and asks for more, shifts trough 2 and 3 gear. Asks for more...

The siren changes tones from a there i go to a here i am behind your neck.

Drivers make space for us, sometimes right, sometimes wrong, making our ambulance shift lanes quickly and smoothly to avoid the sleepy cars.

Getting closer, a few corners, a few more speed bumps. A few more gas.

We get there. It is hot, hot and still roaring, knowing that it did good and that was a hell of a ride....

I love my job.

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