December 17, 2009

Least expected, most unwanted.

It was supposed to be a very good day.

I was on my way to some friends house where we planned staying all afternoon, cooking dinner and have a great time just because we deserve it.

So here i was thinking that the trauma bag that i always carry in the car didnt had gloves. Yes you know latex gloves, those that you wear when bloody situations. Well, i tought, i am just going to that friends house and when i come back i will place some gloves on the bag....

After 1 hr of driving we got there. The place that he lives is a very fancy condo complex so there is some security at the entrance. As we aproached the entrance we saw that the security guys were pale and running like chikens without head, so trying to make a joke on them i aproached one and told em "Hey where is the accident?" and to my surprise the answer i got was not the expected.

"Two workers just fell down from a platform"

And there i was trying to make a joke just when things couldnt be more serious. So immediatelly i told him that me and my friend were paramedics, he told us to park and some security guy will take us where the accident was.

We carried my trauma bag and walked into the condo complex a couple of turns a couple of stairs, a lot of walking a running, while we walked i asked the security guy what have happened, he told me that there were two workers painting on the side of the building and that they fell. I asked him, how many floors they fell. He didn´t know, he just told me it was quite a fall.

We got there. The view was disturbing.

There were two workers.
They fell from the 16th floor (40 mts aprox).

A very young paramedic was trying to do something for them. They were not breathing, I took my stethoscope and tried to hear a beat while checking for a pulse. Then i told the young paramedic that there was nothing to be done, they were already gone. They were in traumatic cardiac arrest and one of them had injuries that were not life sustainable.

The picture that now lies in my head is, as i said, disturbing.

I will try to set it apart with my other bad memories.

I hope god has mercy on those guys souls.

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