January 24, 2010

Its not all about healthcare....

You learn a lot of skills in emt school, from recognizing a true emergency to extricating an injured person of his wrecked car, but as time goes by you really know that what saves people on this job is time...

All that knowledge is worthless if you can´t get to the sick and injured fast, less than 10 mins. preferabbly between 4 and 7 minutes.

I hate the mexico city traffic conditions, i am sure that we have some of the worst emergency response times (talking about big cities in the world). In a regular day it can take you up to 30 minutes to get to a patient, and that plus the time you take getting to the hospital, its just depressing.

The other day i had a call, a patient seized, vomited and didn´t regain consciousness, he died 5 minutes later drowned in his own vomit, when we arrived he was long gone.

In Mexico people die because of the terrible traffic conditions.

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  1. hate this problem.......just so true