January 27, 2010

Things we learn

You can learn a lot of things in the paramedic/medical/nurse school, a lot of knowledge will be placed in your hands so you can use it to treat the sick and injured, you will learn tons and tons of skills and manual tricks that will help you trough an amazing job in healthcare. Tons of hours in books and in patient contact will grant you great knowledge and skill that will be useful to form a professional career and aid those in need.

But I have noticed that you can´t learn something, there is something that can´t be learned in any book, not because it is to complex or because it is too simple, it is just because if you don´t have it now you will never do.

That is to be kind and loving with the people you treat. I have seen some of the best physicians, nurses and emt´s in my city wrapped in terrible human beings forms that just don´t have the right attitude towards the people who they are supposed to bring relief. They are not people that bring aid to the ones that are suffering, they mistreat patients, are rude and sometimes even disrespectful.

To those people here is a word of advice.

Quit your job.

Work at a desk.

Work via internet where you don´t have to interact with people.

We are not guilty because you suffered trough medical/emt/nurse school or even kindergarden, we don´t deserve to be objects of your twisted self conflicts and self-esteem problems.

And to those who are actually loving and caring, thank you. I will always admire someone who can share a smile of empathy and can hold a hand in the worst situation you can imagine.

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