February 26, 2010

Some of the things i did today.

1.- Today i got the chance of easing the pain of someone. 16 hrs in the ambulance were worth it.

2.- Saw more than 10 patients that didn´t require transport to an emergency room in ambulance.

3.- I realized that sometimes when you buy an expensive car you are buying a lot of safety.

4.- I still smile when i am riding the ambulance all lights and sirens...

5.- A female patient tried to "make a move" on me. I was flattered and very uncomfortable. A funny partner didn´t help with the situation.

6.- I spent a lot of time in my shift thinking about the most beautiful girl i had ever seen and how much she makes me happy.

7.- I remembered that here in my country most of the fractures are set in place without any type of anesthesia or analgesics. (I still hear a high pitched tone because of that patients scream).

8.- I love my job.

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