March 14, 2010


An early call. around 1 am.

A man is sitting on the floor, from the ambulance we can se his head dripping blood.

He has street and jail tatoos over his body.
His slang tells you that he is the "thug" type.
He confesses being a drugadict.
Today he smoked crack and weed.
He was beaten up with a 30 inches pipe.
It was all because of a woman.

The best lessons are learned unexpectedly.

He got beaten up for defending his girl.

His 6 inches laceration to the head makes me realize me that no matter what kind of life you live, you can always stand up for the people you love and do the right thing.

He cried when he told us he was a drugadict...
He was very worried about his girl.

Hey Mr street thug, you just earned some points in my book.
Hope you get well soon.

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