March 26, 2010

The new monitor.

A patient’s husband tried to “tip” us tonight. He was trying to give us the great amount of $1,000 pesos (Mexican) that’s about $90 dls. (That’s what a paid EMT does in five 12 hrs shifts)

We all turned the money down. It is not a rule and you don’t get suspended nor get in trouble if you accept a tip but we really don´t like it. Personally I am not a waiter and I don´t like to be tipped. I am a volunteer and I do it for a lot of reasons and neither of them is money.

So we turned down $90 dls. The monitor/defibrillator we want to buy is about $500 dls. A not so new but very functional Zoll PD 1400 or 2000.

I rather pay it with money I earn that with money that is given to me as a tip. I know it will taste better.

I hope soon there will be a post announcing the arrival of the monitor/defibrillator.

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