April 1, 2010

Its just time.

Are you an emt or a paramedic? What is missing in your ambulance service? You want/need a new toy, a new monitor? Something top of the line and ultra expensive that would make your patients outcome better? You need a new 100k ambulance? a new 10k stretcher?

The place that i volunteer for doesn´t has defibrillators, not one.
According to the health dpt in my country the heart related deaths are in second place taking the life of more than 55,000 people each year.
(This number only is succeded by deaths relating diabetes, the real silent killer > 60,000.)

And with all this in Mexico the "public" ambulances don´t have defibrillators nor cardiac monitors, nor medication for your chest pain nor for your infarct.

We are left with nothing to withstand the beating that cardiac illness is giving us.

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