September 7, 2010

Its time to share.

Your´s truly is now an instructor.
Well i have been an instructor for some years, but now i am an instructor in the biggest school of EMS in Mexico, and that´s a big deal for me.

This is a very important step to me, i think it opens a lot of pathways I can take to be a better EMT and also to share my knowledge with a lot of people. I like sharing and i like the fact that i am working to make a better system with more trained EMT´s.

I will be teaching a class for a group of emergency medical technicians that are taking the intermediate level (this is as far as you can go in Mexico, there is no advanced level nor paramedic) and i think they will do great.

Now you will not only read about ambulance stories but also some classroom stories. The questions are always the best part.

I always say that there is no dumb question, but hey, people try hard than you think, jejejeje.


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