November 18, 2010

Its almost time.

I am an instructor for a EMT-I course.

As a previous post says this is the highest level in paramedicine that you can achive here in Mexico city, we have some medics or EMT-paramedics but they are very few and i don´t trust too much their knowledge and skills. but thats for another post.

A couple of months ago i had the opportunity of taking a group. It was a big surprise for me but well i love teaching and i couldn´t resist.

The class that was supposed to last for 10 months was a year old when i came to the picture.
"We have had a lot of problems with this group in particular, a lot of problems with the pople that were before you, a lot of administrative issues and a lot of internal issues." Thats what the head of the school told me when he asked me if i wanted in.

"I will take it." Thats what i told him.

The first day i took over the class i got to know all the problems. They were frustrated and angry with the system.

(Guess who was impersonating the system?)

So i received a lot of complains and a lot of questions. One of those was:

"¿Why you?, ¿Who are you to take this class in your hands?"

I just answered honestly. "Because I love to teach and I have the knowledge and the skills to pass it to you."

Almost every one looked me with that face. That "i don´t beleive a single word" face.
I said almost because i knew a couple of the students, they work with me, we have worked some shifts in the past, they just smiled at me.

The classes wen´t on for a couple of months and the trust build up. I know i am not entirely trusted by everyone, but what the hell, i only have them for a little more than two months. We practiced, we learned, we laughed, we cried and we shared.

I ask them to share with me why they were doing this job, why they were in the ambulance countless hours without knowing whats gonna happen next. They all shared their stories in private in a piece of paper, ones were great and touching, some others were not that insightful but i loved each and every one of them.
Then it was my turn, on the last class we were ever gonna have I told them why, why I am here and why I love this job. It is a great deal for me talking about my love for the job and I really don´t share it too much or too often, but i told them. I told them my story. Some tears left my eyes when I told them about the awful things I have seen and how they affected me and some smiles came across when I told them of my most great calls, when you can really see what mankind is made from.

The end is near. They have the examination on Saturday, and i am sure as hell i am as nervouss as they are. I don´t know how this will result. I really don´t know well my class as to have an acurate prediction of who is gonna make it, who has a good chance and who should enroll for the next one. I really don´t know.

I just hope they make me very proud and pay me back all my effort with their grades.

Let´s wait until Saturday.

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