November 9, 2010


We were called to a supermarket a few blocks away from our "station". We arrived ther in a couple of minutes.

Man down. Said dispatch when we got the called.
We entered the supermarket and in they told us the patient was in a coffee shop at the other end of the building, we hurried up.
When we got there we found a man lying on the floor next to a table and a worried family, he was 90 years old. He fainted, his son told me, but then he regain consiousness. My parter was performing a physical exam while i was talking to him. At some point to evaluate if he had a stroke my partner asked him. ¿Could you show me you teeth?
From the far side of the table we heard: "Hey!" "Hey" "Excuse me mister"
I turned around and saw the patients wife with something in her hand.

"The teeth" "You wanted to see them?" "She handed me her husband fake teeth"

The old lady was laughing as loud as she could, she was just messing with us.
The husband was also laughing.

"Well they seem pretty normal for me?" i told them.
"Do you need anything else" i asked my partner.
"No, thanks" he told me trying not to laugh.

Thats a good attitude.

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