October 15, 2010


We were getting ready for the night.
Getting all our stuff and medical gear inside the ambulance.

We got an early call.

Pedestrian hit by a car.

He was not as bad as it could be. He was very scared because right next to him, before the car hit was a girl, his nephew. The girl was ok she didn´t was involved in the accident, just an inch or two saved from it. We talked to him and told him that the little girl was ok and there was nothing to worry about. He was so scared.
A little bit dissoriented and with a fractured anckle we took him to the hospital with his brother riding with us.

It was not one of those amazing calls where it seems that you use every skill that you learned. Insted was of those calls where you talk a lot.

After he was recevied in the hospital his brother saw us leaving an walk toward us.

"Thank you".
"Really really thank you"

Not in every patient we care for we have that.
Thank you is an amazing expression that people don´t use as often as they would.

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