February 21, 2011


We were just sitting in the ambulance.

Parked on the street waiting for a call to come.

We were there for 5 hours and nothing happened. Saying we were bored would be an under statement. He was lying down inside the ambulance and I was on the outside leaning on the open door chatting about something really not important. Time went by so slow.

Then a little girl that was walking by the ambulance stopped and asked her mom if she could see it from inside. Her mom told her to ask us. She was a little bit shy but she came right in front of me and said "Can you show me your ambulance?"

She was the cutest little girl.

"Of course, jump in" I replied.

The next 10 minutes were just great. She was so happy. So was I.

Not everything in this job is blood and sorrow.


  1. hello there,
    i came across your blog from a random internet search
    i've been a paramedic in the uk for the last 10 years. how do i go about applying to the mexican ambulance service?

  2. Hi.
    If you live in Mexico City i recommend to search for a place at a private hospital as a nurse.
    The amount of money you can make here being a paramedic is not even a 10th of what you made in UK.
    We have very hard issues with payment here, we are severely underpaid.

  3. its not so much a money thing for me, more the experience. i'm looking for more practice in treating gunshot wounds and the like. i hear places like juarez are fairly high in that sort of thing.


  4. Yes they are very high.
    Also in Mexico City, Mexico we get a lot of them.
    But if you are planning to come here remember that the system is absolutely different and you will be living in a dangareous place.
    Hey but if you want to come here and practice give it a shot i am sure that if you can stand the conditions you will have a LOT of practice.

  5. ok, thats good.
    do you have any idea which agency is the best to contact?
    we have the Health Professionals Council in the uk to register as a paramedic but a person needs to apply to individual counties ambulance services to work for them.
    is there a general state ambulance service in mexico?


  6. Send me a comment with your e-mail (i will not publish it, it can be moderated) and we can talk more about this plan you have. Maybe I can give you a hand.