June 1, 2011

Almost everything

During my career as a paramedic in this busy and chaotic city i have seen a lot of injured patients. I came across almost every type of patient in the books and i have seen quite a lot of each and every one of them. Each and every one but two.

Burns and childbirth.

I cared for patients with small burns that didn´t really place themselves in danger. But today i saw a patient that had a electic burn. He was working in a construction site and by mistake he touched a high voltage cable with a steel pole. He had the entry wound in the right hand and exit wounds in the right and left feet.

I couldn´t do much for him because we were very close to the hospital, but it really shocked me how he endured the pain.

I will now sit every shift waiting for the most amazing one that i am missing. I look forward to the day that i hold a little baby in my arms and say to the mother "congratulations".

I will wait. For every life i have seen lost in front of me I think now it is the right time for the circumstances to change and be on the other side of natures hand.


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