October 24, 2011

No sleep.

Wehn you are a student here in my EMS system you learn some songs to sing while you run. One of those goes like:

"If in EMS you want to be you will have to get used to no sleep"

God how true is it. Its amazing the slow motion state that you enter after no sleeping for more than 24 hours straight, I have always tought that its dangerous to work under some circunstances and sleep deprivation is one of them. Think about the last time you worked at night shift and you were sleeping when you got a call. Remember everything about the call? Guess what you remember almost nothing because you were not paying attention and were not fully awake.

Be careful with that my fellow paramedics sleep deprivation could push you to make a bad call with a patient or even with your own security. Always be sure that before you exit the ambulance for the 4 a.m. call you are fully awake.

If you are not, you can ask for a couple of slaps from your partner.
That would solve it.


  1. A balance in daily routine makes an effective paramedic worker. Sleep is a must for a healthy medical professional.

  2. Hi is there a way I can get in touch with you?

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  3. Hi how can I get in touch with you, I would very much like to do some ridealongs with a mexican ambulance crew whilst I am in mexico at the end of this month. I am a currently practising paramedic of five years.

  4. I am a paramedic of five years in Australia and I would love to ridealong with a mexican crew whilst I am in Mexico at the end of the month. How can I get in touch with you?