March 18, 2013

One cool story.

There he was, just a kid, 19 years old. He was just being discharged from the hospital. He told me on his way home he has been hit by a bus. -That will make quite a cool story to tell your grandkids-, i told him. -Yes, if something is going to hit you better be something big-, he laughed about it. He had a lacereted spleen, a broken pelvis, a bruised liver and a broken arm, he was one who made it.

He made me remember one patient i had once. It was a similar injury, a truck ran over him. We could get him to the hospital alive but his injuries were just too bad. And there i was sitting with one who made it, a kid, just like the one i cared for so many months ago. I was happy for this kid, i dind´t know why but it gave me back some confidence that things can go right sometimes.

Sometimes it´s dark but we just have to keep on trying.

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